Behind the scenes of the KickStarter video

Behind the scenes of the KickStarter video

Behind the scenes of the KickStarter video

We managed to capture a few pictures of the recording session used for capturing the in studio footage of the KickStarter video. The team from Work In Beta helped us out with most elements of the video from filming to editing. They did an awesome job of turning a bunch of nerds in the back room into a *hopefully* credible video. You be the judge.



Our makeshift film set being setup.



Sound engineer Jimmy and CEO Ross getting comfortable for the first take.

A few beers were required to settle the nerves before recording. Green M&M’s may or may not have helped performance.



Charles and the Work In Beta crew. Note the low-rent clapper board.



Art lead Craig about to deliver “tear-offs for your screen”

Needless to say, the video can only show a small amount of what’s in store for our fans. Hopefully these pics and video go some way to show that we are keen to share the game-making process with you guys.

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